Virtual Reality startup

Founder/Consultant Dec 2014 – Present

Over 1 million blog posts viewed on Quora in the field of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and others.

Quora Top Writer, 2017, 2018

Initially formed a stealth mode startup to investigate this field; heavily invested during the last VR wave, this wave will crest. Business development, product launch, networking

  • Identified 3+Unity bugs within 2 weeks, one blocking issue by debugging. Confirmed by tech support
  • Identified workaround to Android SDK breaking issue in Unity
  • Developing VR applications for Architectural Visualization (Frank Lloyd Wright), Enterprise (Oracle data visualization), and entertainment (“Gnome Invasion” a bowling game).
  • ACM SIGGRAPH (Association of Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group in Graphics) VR Pioneer
  • 10+ years VR experience (current + first VR wave experience w/CompuServe). Paid speaker at Game Developer’s Convention, on AI, VR and 3D Graphics rendering toolkits; Video.
  • Blender, Landscape visualization (Vue/World Machine), light 3D Modeling.