Medical Startup / VR Author

Medical Device Startup July 2018 – Present
VR Startup. Founder/Chief Technology Officer, May 2016 – Present

Developing a medical device that combines multiple sensor inputs to detect, log, and analyze a medical condition. Executive team of 3; 2-3 developers. Acting as lead developer after personnel shakeup.

* Milestones, team development, mentoring 3 developers.
* Angular7, Node.JS, Bootstrap, Material
* MariaDB/MySQL
* DevOps
* Machine Vision
* IR Sensors
* Raspberry Pi
* SOC (System On Chip)
* Machine Learning/AI
* Machine Vision
* Phased Array Radar sensing, signal processing
* 3D printing / FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), Blender, Simplify3D/CURA.

VR Startup. Founder/Chief Technology Officer, May 2016 – Present

Primary activity, VR Outreach, education, and authoring.

Wrote “Getting started with React VR” by Packt Publishing.

The Consumer Virtual Reality market will be $5.2B by 2018. Formed a stealth mode startup to reenter this field; heavily invested during the last VR wave, this wave will crest. Business development, product launch, networking.

  • Identified 3+Unity bugs within 2 weeks, one blocking issue by debugging. Unity developed a fix.
  • Identified workaround to Android SDK breaking issue in Unity
  • ACM SIGGRAPH (Association of Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group in Graphics) VR Pioneer, based on 20+ years of VR experience (SIGGRAPH 94).
  • 10+ years VR experience (current + first VR wave experience w/CompuServe). Paid speaker at Game Developer’s Convention, on AI, VR and 3D Graphics rendering toolkits (during first wave of VR)
  • Blender, Landscape visualization (Vue/World Machine), light 3D Modeling.

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