Virtual Reality Startup

Founder/Chief Technology Officer, Dec 2014 – Present

The Consumer Virtual Reality market will be $5.2B by 2018. Formed a stealth mode startup to reenter this field; heavily invested during the last VR wave, this wave will crest. Business development, product launch, networking.

  • Developing VR applications
    • Architectural Visualization (Frank Lloyd Wright),
    • Enterprise (Oracle data visualization),
    • and entertainment (“Gnome Invasion” a garden gnome bowling game, like miniature golf)
  • Identified 3+Unity bugs within 2 weeks, one blocking issue by debugging. Unity developed a fix.
  • Identified workaround to Android SDK breaking issue in Unity
  • ACM SIGGRAPH (Association of Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group in Graphics) VR Pioneer, based on 20+ years of VR experience (SIGGRAPH 94).
  • 10+ years VR experience (current + first VR wave experience w/CompuServe). Paid speaker at Game Developer’s Convention, on AI, VR and 3D Graphics rendering toolkits (during first wave of VR)
  • Blender, Landscape visualization (Vue/World Machine), light 3D Modeling.


Vis-Net, early stage VR startup

  • Virtual Reality pioneer; C++ real time 3D graphics User Interface for Windows and Mac.
  • Early involvement in VRML, helping to create a standard for VR environments. Demo at VR conferences and SIGGRAPH.
  • Developed a business relationship with CompuServe,  to build a VR interface for chat rooms, mail, and forum browsing.
  • Built a VR/3D Bookmark / favorites application. Shipped this app with several CD ROMs in “Dummies” books.
  • Technical editor on several 3D, Frontpage, VRML books.
  • 3D/C++ consulting. OpenGL, DirectX, RenderWare.
    Paid speaker at GDC (Games Developer Convention)