Medical Startup / VR Author

Medical Device Startup July 2018 – Present
VR Startup. Founder/Chief Technology Officer, May 2016 – Present

Developing a medical device that combines multiple sensor inputs to detect, log, and analyze a medical condition. Executive team of 3; 2-3 developers. Acting as lead developer after personnel shakeup.

* Milestones, team development, mentoring 3 developers.
* Angular7, Node.JS, Bootstrap, Material
* MariaDB/MySQL
* DevOps
* Machine Vision
* IR Sensors
* Raspberry Pi
* SOC (System On Chip)
* Machine Learning/AI
* Machine Vision
* Phased Array Radar sensing, signal processing
* 3D printing / FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), Blender, Simplify3D/CURA.

VR Startup. Founder/Chief Technology Officer, May 2016 – Present

Primary activity, VR Outreach, education, and authoring.

Wrote “Getting started with React VR” by Packt Publishing.

The Consumer Virtual Reality market will be $5.2B by 2018. Formed a stealth mode startup to reenter this field; heavily invested during the last VR wave, this wave will crest. Business development, product launch, networking.

  • Identified 3+Unity bugs within 2 weeks, one blocking issue by debugging. Unity developed a fix.
  • Identified workaround to Android SDK breaking issue in Unity
  • ACM SIGGRAPH (Association of Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group in Graphics) VR Pioneer, based on 20+ years of VR experience (SIGGRAPH 94).
  • 10+ years VR experience (current + first VR wave experience w/CompuServe). Paid speaker at Game Developer’s Convention, on AI, VR and 3D Graphics rendering toolkits (during first wave of VR)
  • Blender, Landscape visualization (Vue/World Machine), light 3D Modeling.

C3 Business Solutions, Inc

Chief Technology Officer, Dec 2015 – 2016

Oversaw all technical aspects of C3 Biz; directed all (45) employees in programming and technical support departments, established company Cloud strategy, and project management.

  • Developed offshore support plan to reduce costs, increase profits, and increase customer satisfaction by going to 24×7 support for all database support. Devised business strategy for increasing US utilization and providing more responsive customer support.
  • Lead generation for Major Oracle ERP AIX to Linux project (Harbor Freight, 13TB database). Developed overall tech strategy, project review, acting PM.
  • Business development for The Rubicon Project, Oracle R12.1.3+ upgrade including presales/lead generation
  • Developed Bank of Internet financial PaaS payment interface project, part of Cloud architecture strategy
  • Devised a strategy to manage $1M+ of IT infrastructure serving 40 business with 10K+ users.
  • Enabled real-time tracking of 40+ data centers when spearheaded implementation of monitoring dashboard; first CTO out of 7 to accomplish this. Saved over $10M in licensing costs implemented open source monitoring and built custom Oracle connectors (for Nagios/Shinken) in Python.
  • Implemented code quality and mandatory reviews; increased shipping interface speed from 90 seconds to less than 300ms per shipping label a 27K% improvement
  • Via SCRUM/Agile implementation; went live with first project on time and with 40% less bugs.
  • Implemented source control; first time source is saved and searchable for all developers, enabling code reuse, reducing costs
  • Mentored numerous employees on technology and consulting

DAZ Systems, Inc

Los Angeles & San Diego,  CA                                                                                                           1998 – 2015

$75M Oracle EBS and SDLC consulting practice.

Director of Technology

Drove P&L to >$75M in annual revenues (from <$1M) by leading all EBS and JD Edwards technical delivery for > 450 mission-critical Oracle Application Solutions to clients ranging from startup to Fortune 500.  Led 15 direct reports/70-80 task-specific reports, as well as other managers/directors. Ran multiple EBS implementation projects, upgrades, and iStore implementations. Worked on difficult Supply chain interfaces. SOA/RESTful interfaces.

Business Development

  • Built company from 12 to 350 via technical delivery.
  • Drove 1800% expansion of practice revenues, while increasing profitability by >150% & increasing by 40% customers surveyed as “extremely happy”
  • Assisted 50+ sales by offering innovative solutions and competitive EBS Architectural lead acquisition.
    • Grew to > 40 hosted servers from 0 for DAZ hosting business in < 2 years.
    • Led development & delivery of cross training, ensuring aligned development of software firms’ assets
    • Wrote DARPA grant proposal and developed compelling story for project funding

Service Delivery

  • Delivered 90% of 450 Oracle ERP implementations on time & under budget by leading teams of 3 to 25
    • Ensured 100% uptime to Oracle, Weblogic, IIS, and SQL Server solutions
    • Architected 5-10 different production HA/DR solutions.
    • Provided all EBS DBA support via on-shore and offshore support models

Implemented ticketing systems, documentation, methodology

Practice Management

  • Oversaw expansion to 340 in cross-functional, professional services & technical team from 16 in: Programming standards, back end EBS and IT infrastructure, Data center architecture, management of offshore technical support
    • Achieved 14+ years in average employee retention for direct reports, including 7+ years of Offshore retention.
    • Minimized expansion of EBS DBA support staff by doubling productivity
    • Developed JD Edwards CNC model (similar to EBS DBA)
  • Enabled up to 50% rate reductions, by keeping >100 customers live, with only 5-10 EBS DBAs in support via implementation of support offshoring
    • Ensured quality & customer satisfaction through close monitoring
    • Improved Code quality by 50% after developed coding standards from scratch
  • Generated $45M in total revenue for firm over 16 years & saved $2M project for firm, when turned-around custom Human Machine Interface “Smart Control Panel” Project for Solar Turbines, division of Caterpillar. C++, .Net, SDLC, DevOps. Automated builds, testing.
    • Delivered on budget & within 10% of milestone time, enabling on time product shipment.
    • Managed total of 8-10 direct reports, including 3 client developers
    • Developed custom bug tracking solution, automated builds & architecture and personally wrote >2000+ lines of code in 2 weeks when 2 programmers quit before a major milestone
  • Ensured accurate real-time pollution auditing/logging for Client, Solar Turbines when increased by >250% speed of logger & reduced CPU load to 20% from 90-100%, enabling fast maintenance of gas turbine performance data
    • Personally redeveloped & wrote 1000+ lines of data logger code in 1 week to maintain schedule.
    • Performed low level C++ code performance analysis on 3rd party vendors toolkit.
    • Kept almost no CPU load using interrupts by using Nyquist sampling statistical theory to develop C++ scheduler to accurately graph data

IT Infrastructure Management, custom software

  • Reduced by 46% EBS hosting costs for 1st client after cut prices by 25% for routine after-hour support
  • Incurred Zero hardware increase despite tripling internal servers when set up internal private cloud
  • Backup policy created & instituted enabled American Sporting Goods (ASG-Avia) to survive hardware crash 1 week after taking over after their IT director was fired.
  • Saved large food distributor Mitsui Foods $588 K over 3 years, gaining 1st reference-able client in new hosting business model, after led Hosting Swap across 17 servers of very complex systems.
    • Coordinated team of 6 EBS DBAs and functional resources to move all production and test servers to own hosting facility
  • Reduced by 400% exiting employee equipment thefts via institution of positive inventory control & cross check