C3 Business Solutions, Inc

Chief Technology Officer, Dec 2015 – 2016

Oversaw all technical aspects of C3 Biz; directed all (45) employees in programming and technical support departments, established company Cloud strategy, and project management.

  • Served as the Project Manager for Major Oracle ERP AIX to Linux project (Harbor Freight, 13TB database). Architected overall strategy, project review
  • Managed project for R12.1.3+ upgrade for The Rubicon Project, including presales/lead generation
  • Architected Bank of Internet financial PaaS payment interface project, part of Cloud architecture strategy
  • Devised a strategy to manage $1M+ of IT infrastructure serving 40 business with 10K+ users; internal Oracle instances to support users were unpatched. Fixing C3’s own servers was non-billable and employees were thus penalized working on them. Convinced owner to change compensation structure to allow proper support
  • Enabled real-time tracking of 40+ data centers when spearheaded implementation of monitoring dashboard; first CTO out of 7 to accomplish this. Saved over $10M in licensing costs implemented open source monitoring and built custom Oracle connectors (for Nagios/Shinken)
  • Conducted multiple code reviews for the first time; one result, increased shipping interface speed from 90 seconds to less than 300ms per shipping label a 27K% improvement
  • Supervised SCRUM/Agile implementation at C3; went live with first project on time and with 40% less bugs.
  • Implemented source control; first time source is saved and searchable for all developers, enabling code reuse, reducing costs
  • Mentored 3 recent graduates.