Virtual Reality Startup

Founder/Chief Technology Officer, Dec 2014 – Present

The Consumer Virtual Reality market will be $5.2B by 2018. Formed a stealth mode startup to reenter this field; heavily invested during the last VR wave, this wave will crest. Business development, product launch, networking.

  • Developing VR applications
    • Architectural Visualization (Frank Lloyd Wright),
    • Enterprise (Oracle data visualization),
    • and entertainment (“Gnome Invasion” a garden gnome bowling game, like miniature golf)
  • Identified 3+Unity bugs within 2 weeks, one blocking issue by debugging. Unity developed a fix.
  • Identified workaround to Android SDK breaking issue in Unity
  • ACM SIGGRAPH (Association of Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group in Graphics) VR Pioneer, based on 20+ years of VR experience (SIGGRAPH 94).
  • 10+ years VR experience (current + first VR wave experience w/CompuServe). Paid speaker at Game Developer’s Convention, on AI, VR and 3D Graphics rendering toolkits (during first wave of VR)
  • Blender, Landscape visualization (Vue/World Machine), light 3D Modeling.

C3 Business Solutions, Inc

Chief Technology Officer, Dec 2015 – 2016

Oversaw all technical aspects of C3 Biz; directed all (45) employees in programming and technical support departments, established company Cloud strategy, and project management.

  • Served as the Project Manager for Major Oracle ERP AIX to Linux project (Harbor Freight, 13TB database). Architected overall strategy, project review
  • Managed project for R12.1.3+ upgrade for The Rubicon Project, including presales/lead generation
  • Architected Bank of Internet financial PaaS payment interface project, part of Cloud architecture strategy
  • Devised a strategy to manage $1M+ of IT infrastructure serving 40 business with 10K+ users; internal Oracle instances to support users were unpatched. Fixing C3’s own servers was non-billable and employees were thus penalized working on them. Convinced owner to change compensation structure to allow proper support
  • Enabled real-time tracking of 40+ data centers when spearheaded implementation of monitoring dashboard; first CTO out of 7 to accomplish this. Saved over $10M in licensing costs implemented open source monitoring and built custom Oracle connectors (for Nagios/Shinken)
  • Conducted multiple code reviews for the first time; one result, increased shipping interface speed from 90 seconds to less than 300ms per shipping label a 27K% improvement
  • Supervised SCRUM/Agile implementation at C3; went live with first project on time and with 40% less bugs.
  • Implemented source control; first time source is saved and searchable for all developers, enabling code reuse, reducing costs
  • Mentored 3 recent graduates.

DAZ Systems, Inc

Los Angeles & San Diego,  CA                                                                                                           1998 – 2015

$75M Oracle EBS and SDLC consulting practice.

Director of Technology

Drove P&L to >$75M in annual revenues (from <$1M) by leading all EBS and JD Edwards technical delivery for > 450 mission-critical Oracle Application Solutions to clients ranging from startup to Fortune 500.  Led 15 direct reports/70-80 task-specific reports, as well as other managers/directors. Ran multiple EBS implementation projects, upgrades, and iStore implementations. Worked on difficult Supply chain interfaces. SOA/RESTful interfaces.

Business Development

  • Built company from 12 to 350 via technical delivery.
  • Drove 1800% expansion of practice revenues, while increasing profitability by >150% & increasing by 40% customers surveyed as “extremely happy”
  • Assisted 50+ sales by offering innovative solutions and competitive EBS Architectural lead acquisition.
    • Grew to > 40 hosted servers from 0 for DAZ hosting business in < 2 years.
    • Led development & delivery of cross training, ensuring aligned development of software firms’ assets
    • Wrote DARPA grant proposal and developed compelling story for project funding

Service Delivery

  • Delivered 90% of 450 Oracle ERP implementations on time & under budget by leading teams of 3 to 25
    • Ensured 100% uptime to Oracle, Weblogic, IIS, and SQL Server solutions
    • Architected 5-10 different production HA/DR solutions.
    • Provided all EBS DBA support via on-shore and offshore support models

Implemented ticketing systems, documentation, methodology

Practice Management

  • Oversaw expansion to 340 in cross-functional, professional services & technical team from 16 in: Programming standards, back end EBS and IT infrastructure, Data center architecture, management of offshore technical support
    • Achieved 14+ years in average employee retention for direct reports, including 7+ years of Offshore retention.
    • Minimized expansion of EBS DBA support staff by doubling productivity
    • Developed JD Edwards CNC model (similar to EBS DBA)
  • Enabled up to 50% rate reductions, by keeping >100 customers live, with only 5-10 EBS DBAs in support via implementation of support offshoring
    • Ensured quality & customer satisfaction through close monitoring
    • Improved Code quality by 50% after developed coding standards from scratch
  • Generated $45M in total revenue for firm over 16 years & saved $2M project for firm, when turned-around custom Human Machine Interface “Smart Control Panel” Project for Solar Turbines, division of Caterpillar. C++, .Net, SDLC, DevOps. Automated builds, testing.
    • Delivered on budget & within 10% of milestone time, enabling on time product shipment.
    • Managed total of 8-10 direct reports, including 3 client developers
    • Developed custom bug tracking solution, automated builds & architecture and personally wrote >2000+ lines of code in 2 weeks when 2 programmers quit before a major milestone
  • Ensured accurate real-time pollution auditing/logging for Client, Solar Turbines when increased by >250% speed of logger & reduced CPU load to 20% from 90-100%, enabling fast maintenance of gas turbine performance data
    • Personally redeveloped & wrote 1000+ lines of data logger code in 1 week to maintain schedule.
    • Performed low level C++ code performance analysis on 3rd party vendors toolkit.
    • Kept almost no CPU load using interrupts by using Nyquist sampling statistical theory to develop C++ scheduler to accurately graph data

IT Infrastructure Management, custom software

  • Reduced by 46% EBS hosting costs for 1st client after cut prices by 25% for routine after-hour support
  • Incurred Zero hardware increase despite tripling internal servers when set up internal private cloud
  • Backup policy created & instituted enabled American Sporting Goods (ASG-Avia) to survive hardware crash 1 week after taking over after their IT director was fired.
  • Saved large food distributor Mitsui Foods $588 K over 3 years, gaining 1st reference-able client in new hosting business model, after led Hosting Swap across 17 servers of very complex systems.
    • Coordinated team of 6 EBS DBAs and functional resources to move all production and test servers to own hosting facility
  • Reduced by 400% exiting employee equipment thefts via institution of positive inventory control & cross check


Vis-Net, early stage VR startup

  • Virtual Reality pioneer; C++ real time 3D graphics User Interface for Windows and Mac.
  • Early involvement in VRML, helping to create a standard for VR environments. Demo at VR conferences and SIGGRAPH.
  • Developed a business relationship with CompuServe,  to build a VR interface for chat rooms, mail, and forum browsing.
  • Built a VR/3D Bookmark / favorites application. Shipped this app with several CD ROMs in “Dummies” books.
  • Technical editor on several 3D, Frontpage, VRML books.
  • 3D/C++ consulting. OpenGL, DirectX, RenderWare.
    Paid speaker at GDC (Games Developer Convention)


Computer Information Security Officer (CISO)

Captain, USMC (promoted 6+mo early)

Responsible for all Information Systems Security for all Organization logistics and supply data, for billions of dollars worth of inventory, for an organization of 195 thousand).

Supervised 10 senior security personnel. Strategic business planning for IT. Oversaw business risk analysis for critical information systems and disaster recovery plans. Assistant Director for branch within MCLB, Albany.

Fun fact: largest check signed (before age 30), 16 million.