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John Gwinner


15+ years of leading technical teams of up to 50 with up to 15 offshore resources. Major software development project management, hands-on Architecture, roll up the sleeves coding. Transformed over 200 companies with ERP and new technology stacks. Consistently develops new technical innovations and solutions to problems.  Developed companies from 12 people to 360; can increase yours too. Published Author; a literate geek.


Work Experience

CTO, Care Labs

Los Angeles, CA July 2018-Present
  • Inventing/Creating a medical device to detect medically significant issues while sleeping
  • Project milestones, Agile (via Trello), DevOps (Bitbucket/GitHub)
  • Hands on coding and database management, full stack development
  • Node.JS, Computer Vision (OpenCV), AI, Deep Learning, open source. Loopback/Express
  • Angular 8, JavaScript, Python, MariaDB (MySQL), Raspian, Debian, Ubuntu, Linux, C++
  • System On Chip (SoC); hardware evaluation. ARM Cortex-A72, CortexA53, Raspberry Pi SoC (Broadcom BCM2711)
  • Amazon AWS, Lambda, HIPAA compliant agreements
  • 3D Printing of prototype parts; Blender, Fusion 360
  • Mentoring 3 developers

VR Author, Consultant

Los Angeles, CA June 2016-Present


  • Built an Unity 3D VR art project for a client, and an Unreal engine 3D real time video project for an art festival
  • Published a book on React VR (React 360), JavaScript, React, React Native, about WebVR software development for Packt publishing (Traditionally published).
  • Helped deliver VR Theater for SIGGRAPH, over 70 VR workstations with Oculus Rift S headsets. Mass PC Cloning, VR setup, calibration (Oculus Rift S)
  • Technical Director for the Advanced Imaging Society convention (2019) in coordination with Paramount
  • Mobile (iOS, Android), React Native, Unity Mobile, Arduino / SoC hardware
  • Developed an indoor AR GPS Scheduling system for Yuri’s Night (non-profit)
  • Developed an Augmented Reality / Computer Vision interface for aerospace (under contract)

CIO, Trio Supply Chain Solutions,

via FastCTO.Com

Los Angeles, CA May 2019-Present


  • Providing part time CIO/CTO advice to a mid market EOL part supplier
  • Support via FastCTO.COM, a network of CTO’s
  • Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise grade Security.
  • Setup Office 365 Azure Active Directory synchronization, Single Sign on, Azure file cloud redundancy
  • Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams conversion
  • Office 365, Active Directory, Teramind, Salesforce, QuickBook

via FastCTO

FastCTO is a network of fellow founders, advisors, executives, and investors. We have failed and we have exited and we’ve learned from our experience working with companies and organizations in every industry, at every level, and with every technology

CTO, C3 Business Solutions

Los Angeles, CA Dec 2015-June 2016


  • Oversaw all technical aspects of C3 Biz; Managed and mentored all (45) employees in programming and technical support departments, established Strategic technical roadmap, Cloud Vision and strategy, and project management.
  • Interim CTO
  • Presales, lead acquisition for major Oracle ERP AIX to Linux project (Harbor Freight, 13TBdatabase). Developed new upgrade methodology for C3, leading to 100% faster upgrade
  • Architected Cloud architecture strategy, created Technical Vision for team; AWS and Oracle’s cloud
  • Accelerated 50% of new C3 business for Oracle SaaS Cloud
  • Implemented DevOps to manage $2M+ of IT infrastructure serving 40 business with 10K+ users. MongoDB, Python, monitoring SaaS
  • Accomplished real-time tracking of 40+ data centers when spearheaded implementation of monitoring dashboard; first CTO out of 7 to accomplish this.
  • Saved over $10M in licensing costs implemented open source performance/monitoring and built custom Oracle connectors (for Nagios/Shinken)
  • Code reviews, improved from 90 seconds to less than 300ms per shipping label a 27,000 % improvement
  • Java code reviews, Java interfaces to Oracle Cloud, source control, build procedures
  • Worked directly with the Bank of the Internet’s financial services company; worked with compliance and regulations

Director of Technology, DAZ Systems

Los Angeles, CA April 1998-Dec 2015

As 10th hire, drove P&L revenues to >$75M from <$1M by leading all technical delivery for this $75M Oracle consulting company through delivery of >450 mission-critical Oracle Application Solutions to companies ranging from startup to Fortune 500. Increased professional services/cross-functional/technical team to 350 people from 16. Managed 15 direct reports, 70-80 task specific reports.

DAZ Systems was acquired by Accenture in 2018

Business Development

  • Developed Offshore DBA support services concept with “InShore” daytime US coordination. Supported 200% more clients with existing staff.
  • Average personell retention > 10 years (us), 7 years (India)
  • Created technical delivery of our hosting business by architecting a 46% reduction in hosting costs for the first client.
  • Cinched many technical sales by offering innovative solutions; for example, “Red Stack” for the DAZ hosting business. Went from 0 to over 40 hosted servers in less than 2 years.
  • Won coveted (1 in 10) DARPA Small Business Innovation Research Phase I grant funded when developed proposal for innovative 3D VR environment for server visualization.

Practice Management

  • Enabled rapid growth by doubling productivity of DBA support staff as grew company revenues and staff by 1800% & support staff by only 1000%
  • Oversee DBA work, programming standards, back end IT infrastructure, Data center architecture, build up & management of offshore technical support.
  • Increased profitability by >150% by reducing rates up to 50%, while maintaining quality & customer satisfaction through closely monitored offshoring of DBA support
    • Keep >100 customers live with only 5-10 DBA’s in support
    • Code quality significantly improved when developed coding standards from scratch
  • Saved $12-20K over cost of separate firewall, load balancer, and backup/failover LAN connections when architected and installed Microsoft TMG (Threat Management Gateway)
    • External corporate web site never hacked since architected & installed web server & firewall within enterprise (on-prem)
  • Increased by 10% customers surveying “extremely happy” after prices cut dramatically for routine after-hour support, while boosting U.S. DBA retention
  • Tripled number of internal servers with no hardware increase needed when setup internal private cloud
  • Kept 100%/5 websites up with continuous provision of services when decommissioned, obtained & installed 2 new servers & migrated all firewall rules to new setup in 3 days after corporate merger abruptly “Unmerged”
  • Achieved 14+ years in average employee retention by enabling DBA’s to work remotely
  • Reduced exiting employee equipment thefts by 400% via institution of positive inventory control & cross check
  • Earned ROI of 320% on 3COM VOIP System when exceeded expected lifetime by 11 years when normal system life is 3-5. Maintained system personally for 15+ years.

Service Delivery

  • Delivered 90% of 450 Oracle ERP implementations on time & under budget by leading teams of 3 to 25
    • Ensured 100% uptime to Oracle, WebLogic, IIS, and SQL Server solutions by architecting 10+ different production HA/DR solutions.
  • Generated $45M in total revenue for client over 16 years & saved $2M project for firm, when turned-around custom Human Machine Interface “Smart Control Panel” Project for Solar Turbines, division of Caterpillar.
    • Delivered on budget & within 10% of milestone time, enabling on time product shipment.
    • Managed total of 8-10 direct reports, including 3 client developers
    • Developed custom bug tracking solution, automated builds & architecture and personally wrote >2000+ lines of code in 2 weeks when 2 programmers quit before a major milestone
  • Interfaced to Salesforce by architecting a custom SAML solution for Oracle Single Sign On
  • Ensured accurate real-time pollution auditing/logging for Client, Solar Turbines by enabling fast maintenance of gas turbine performance data when increased by >250% speed of logger & reduced CPU load to 20% from 90-100%
    • Personally redeveloped & wrote 1000+ lines of data logger code in 1 week to maintain schedule.
    • Used Nyquist sampling statistical theory to develop C++ scheduler to accurately graph data
  • Backup policy created & instituted enabled American Sporting Goods (ASG-Avia) to survive hardware crash 1 week after arrival
  • Improved the efficiency of order fulfillment at Belkin by 1800% by implementing coding standards
  • Gained 1st reference-able client in new hosting business model when led Hosting Swap across 17 servers of very complex systems.
    • Coordinated team of 6 DBA’s to move all production and test servers to own hosting facility
    • Saved the client $588K over 3 years
  • Developed AI code around circuit board routing algorithm (A* or A star) extension allowing games such as Age of Empires to maneuver AI opponent’s forces even on difficult terrain. Invited speaker at Computer Games Developers Convention on AI; coined phrase “Artificial Stupidity” vice Artificial Intelligence



United States Marine Corps


  • Data Systems, Telecommunications
  • Active Duty
  • Managed 8 section chiefs and 70 Marines
  • In charge of 4th Marine Aircraft Wing IT assets.


Cornell University

Ithaca, NY


  • Full 4 year academic scholarship
  • Completed all Masters Level courses in EE during 3rd & 4th years as Undergraduate: Computer Architectures, Networking architecture, Circuit Design.
  • Significant class work in Computer Science and Creative Writing


  • BIL Technology conference, 2018. WebVR
  • Invited speaker, West Coast Writers conference on Microsoft Word and other software – 2013-2019
  • Developed and taught ePublishing for LA Valley College, 2013
  • Publications: 2 articles on Leadership in the 1st and 2nd issue of The Cursor, the magazine of the Independent Game Developers Network.
  • Invited Speaker: Computer Game Developers Convention – “Torching Fahrenheit”
  • Guest Speaker, Computer Game Developers Convention – “Opening the Box; 3D Toolkits”
  • Invited Speaker, Software Development (San Francisco) Presented a class on Real Time 3D toolkits (VR)
  • Guest Presenter, Meckler VR Conference (San Jose) Presented a speech on the Visual CompuServe project.
  • Lecturer: Business Computer literacy class for Gouverneur Chamber of Commerce.

Executive Education

  • UCLA extension Certificate student in Writing, (August 2008)
  • MBA courses: Economics for Managers, Management and Leadership Golden Gate University
  • Profession Education: MITT Training, Oracle University DBA performance tuning, Oracle JD Edwards summit, Sales summit/education, Oracle Cloud Fusion installation, Oracle High Availability, Windows Server internals, Windows Developer Partner Airlift, TQM, Software project management, Privacy act, IT Contracting, Systems Development methodologies
  • Lecturer: Business Computer literacy class for Gouverneur Chamber of Commerce.

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